Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I Might Be a Cylon

(This post contains no significant spoilers.)

The latest episode of
Battlestar Galactica, "Downloaded," was exceptionally good. The "A" storyline was told from the Cylons' perspective. I found that this episode brought a lot of depth and diversity to that previously somewhat monolithic species, and I'm looking forward to further exploration of the culture.

If you are even remotely interested in science fiction and you aren't watching this show, you need to start. Come to think of it, since the next ep is the first part of the second season's finale, now might not be the best time to jump in. Your best bet is to buy, borrow, or steal the
US version of Season 1 on DVD, which includes the 4-hour mini-series that kicked off the series. Then, watch that while waiting for the the complete Season 2 set to become available. (Do not buy the so-called Season 2.0 DVD set, which only includes the first half of Season 2.) Once S2 is out, be sure to digest that before Season 3 begins to air on Sci Fi.

Why are you still reading this? I told you what to do.

Update 1: It looks like Evil Monkey agrees with me.
Update 2: The latest word is that Season 3 will hit the Sci Fi Channel in October. That's 7 (seven) months from now. So I guess all the uninitiated will have ample time to catch up.

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  1. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Mrs. Evil Monkey also agrees with you! This is an awesome show and I am not usually a fan of sci-fi/fantasy tv shows. I have never watched any Star Trek other than the original (when I was too young to claim control of the TV), Stargate, Babylon5, etc. Buffy and Firefly are more my speed :) I also think thet Battlestar has more universal appeal -- it is not just a sci-fi/fantasy show but also much like West Wing in space.