Thursday, September 29, 2011

PR: Clean and Jerk

Today I set a new personal record in the clean and jerk: 192.5 lb. That's a 15-lb improvement over my previous C&J PR. That's also a 7.5-lb PR in the clean. I'm quite excited about this result.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PR: Back Squat, Deadlift, and CrossFit Total

Last Friday, CrossFit Total was the workout of the day at CrossFit Diesel. Here's how I did:
  • Back squat: 245 lb. That's a few-pound PR for my new depth standard.
  • Press: 130 lb. That's 9 lb short of my PR, but it represents an improvement over recent performances, and it indicates that the injury and weakness in my left shoulder is improving. I hope to get back up to body weight (136 as of Friday) with my next pressing workout.
  • Deadlift: 335 lb. That's a 10-pound PR. As with my most recent deadlift PR, this was a sumo deadlift. It was challenging, but I managed it, and without rounding my back. I think 2.5 times body weight (340 lb) should be easily reachable soon.
  • Total: 710 lb. That's a PR, too.
It was a good day.

Squat Rescale

Since I've been working out at CrossFit Diesel, I've come to realize that my squats were too shallow. The correct standard is for the crease of the hip socket to be below the knee, but I had been going about 2 inches above that. As you may know, squats become much, much more difficult over the last few inches. So, I've decided to throw out the personal records that I report for squats (back, front, and overhead) and start recording anew. One ramification of this move is that all my old CrossFit Total PRs must also be discarded and restarted.

So, gentle reader, you can expect yet more unwelcome PR posts in the near future.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

GR: Angie

Today I set a new personal record and a gym record for the workout called Angie: 15:55. That's 64 seconds faster than my previous best. It was a challenging WOD today, but the effort paid off. Now if I can just get the push-ups done a little faster, I'll be in business.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Muse Ick

It's been half a year, gentle reader, since I updated you about the music I've been enjoying. So, it's time for another unsolicited musical report.

  • "Sincerely, Jane" by Janelle MonĂ¡e. This is probably the track on this list furthest from my usual musical wheelhouse. The vocal and instrumental performances and are quite enjoyable, but what really makes the song, in my opinion, are the horns in particular. I found this song almost a year ago, when the artist appeared on one of the weekend public-radio shows. I need to check out the her other work.
  • "Eternal" by Faun Fables. The lyrics to this song are quite fun, and I enjoy the lead vocal and the instrumentation. I especially like the chanting male background vocals. They give the track a Polynesian flavor. I found this song, like many of my new favorites, through Pandora.
  • "Wonder" by Megan McCauley. So now we are getting into my usual musical strike zone. I found this song after enjoying the artist's "Fragile."
  • "I am the Doctor" written by Murray Gold, performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. This track, of course, is from Doctor Who. Specifically, it's been used in Series 5 and 6 (new numbering) when the Doctor is figuring out and then solving some challenge. Often in a chace sequence. I enjoy the up-tempo parts immensely.

So that's what I've been listening to lately. You?

Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm Certifiable, Apparently

Last weekend, I attended a 2-day CrossFit Level 1 certification at Trident CrossFit in Alexandria. The event consisted not only of multiple lectures on topics such as CrossFit's definitions of fitness and health, the correct form on the 9 foundational movements (and others), and nutritional, but also breakout sessions in which we practiced performing and teaching the various movements, 2 workouts, and a written exam. I learned today that I passed the exam. Thus, I am now a vetted CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

Yay me.

PR: Weighted Ring Dip

After my hugely successful weighted pull-ups, I took a whack at weighted ring dips. I manged 90 lb without trying too hard. That's a 12-lb jump from last time.

GR: Weighted Pull-Up

Today I set a new personal record in the weighted pull-up: 118 lb. That's a 17-lb improvement from last time, and I'm quite excited about it. I'm even more excited because this lift was also a new gym record at CrossFit Diesel, but only by 3 lb.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PR: Overhead Squat

Today I set a new personal record in the overhead squat: 170 pounds. Plus, I was thiiiss close to getting 175. Next time, next time.