Thursday, April 06, 2006

Y'know what ELSE I can't stand?

Radio Shack. By the way, you should totally check out Todd's screed (or is it a diatribe?) on this subject. I completely concur with him...but I digress. Here is an account of my uber-irritating Radio Shack experience.

Usually when I go into Radio Shack it is because Michael wants to look at something, so to amuse myself while I'm waiting for him I often look at the cell phones. I am not planning to buy a new one or anything. I am perfectly happy with Alphonse (Yes, I have named my phone. See why I don't belong in Radio Shack?), but they one of the few things I enjoy browsing for in Radio Shack. Sue me. Anyway, Radio Shack seems to have some of the most aggressive salespeople EVER. I am always instantly accosted the second I glance toward the cell phones. I just say I'm not interested or whatever and Michael is done before I can get really annoyed at them because, as Todd mentioned, Radio Shack never has what you want so Michael is often done quite quickly.

Well, this one particular day Michael was taking a little longer than usual. I was, as expected, accosted by a salesman as soon as I started looking at the phones. I said I was just browsing, not intending to buy. He then said, "OK, but if you do want to buy anything, let me know because there are different pricing plans for new and returning customers, and this phone is blah, blah, blah." So, basically he completely ignored me and continued to give me his spiel. Fine. When he finally paused for breath, I politely interrupted and said, "Well, thanks, but I'm really just looking," to which he replied in a very snotty tone, "Oh yeah? Well, I'm just talking. I's my job." I was floored! I mean, how are you supposed to sell something if you are so incredibly rude to your customers? It wasn't like he was some young kid, either. This guy had gray hair. Freak!

So, I just turned and walked away to tell Michael I would be waiting outside. It was either that or hiss at the guy and scratch his eyes out, but I have short nails so I chose option A. I HATE that store and I refuse to buy anything there ever again.

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