Sunday, December 16, 2007

Room Repurposing

Those of you who've visited Team Grondul World Headquarters are aware that we've repurposed many of the rooms in our apartment. In particular, our visitors often seem surprised to see that we turned what was intended to be the guest bedroom into our gym. That's where we keep and use the power rack, adjustable bench, pulley machine, various bars, 'bells both dumb and kettle, the plate tree, my weight vest, and my recently acquired sledge hammer, along with other fitness miscellany. As you can imagine, that little room is quite densely packed. Meanwhile, our bedroom is the one room in the place that has a lot of extra space. A few weeks ago, Alison came up with the idea of interchanging the contents of these rooms. That's right: it was Alison who came up with this plan.

So, yesterday, we made the swap. The exchange was a bit more work than we expected, but I believe the effort was worthwhile. Yesterday's warmup and WOD felt much more comfortable than previous iterations, and we still have ample maneuvering room in the the newly relocated bedroom.

Here's a table itemizing how we're utilizing the space in our apartment:

Intended UseOur Use
master bedroomgym
guest bedroommaster bedroom
dining roomOffice, hobby shop, and server room
breakfast nook*Bike shop and kennel
living roomliving room, dining room, and guest bedroom

So, in summary, only the kicthen and bathroom are fulfilling the intended use.

* For some reason, the floorplans at our complex call this area a ranch room. Neither of us had ever heard of that before.

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