Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'd Call it Bottom Gear

If you are even a little interested in automobiles, you need to be watching Top Gear on the Beeb or BBC America, depending on where you live. Unlike some car shows, this one is not a long series of reviews or DIY tips. Instead its a very intelligent and witty look at all things automotive. The series has been quite successful in its home country---it's run in its current 1-hour format since 2002---and has garnered a strong following across the pond as well. I encourage you to check it out.

You may ask why I've chosen now to point out the existence and virtues of Top Gear. The answer is that I've just learned that NBC, the king of American remakes of British shows, is planning to bring a remake of Top Gear to the States. I can't imaging the show being half as good without the distinct British sense of humor---or should I say humour---at its core. May The Stig preserve us all.

Update: The video here is a must-see.

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