Monday, January 19, 2009

Dogs at Dad's

(I seem to be in a Newton-photo mood, so I'll continue the trend here.)

We spent Christmas and Michaelmas in Atlanta last year.  We stayed at my father's house, and Alan* brought his dog Marley over to play with Newton.  Newton enjoyed the interaction, as was expected.  We don't have any photosvideos, orother photos of them playing this time, but we did get take a couple of good canine photographs.  

Here's a pic of Newton sleeping off a play session on my dad's couch.  Compare it with this one from 2 years earlier.  (Note that you can see photos of Alan and me in the frame in the background.  I'm the one in the little-league-football uniform, aged 8 or 10. 

The second image shows how much of a cuddle pup Marley can be.  He's resting his head in my lap.  (Note Newton sleeping in the background.)

* Alan is my half-brother.  He's tall, blue-eyed, and blond-ish.  What's that about?

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