Monday, June 29, 2009

Need to Recover

Alison and I had a busy weekend.

On Friday, we drove to the Philadelphia area and met up with my grad-school friend Ketan and his wife Patricia.* Patricia is also a Georgia Tech graduate, and she was, very briefly, Alison's last roommate in Atlanta. We had a nice dinner** with Ketan and Patricia, and they were kind enough to put us up for the night.

On Saturday, I spent all day at an Evolution autocross school,*** which was the event that instigated the whole trip. Meanwhile, Alison spent the day with Ketan, Patricia, and their nephew Dhruv visiting the science museum in Philly. I met up with all four of them in the evening and, after dinner, Alison and I drove into the city to see my Rice roommate and Joint Best Man, Shuaib. After some Guitar Hero World Tour, we all crashed at his place.

On Sunday, the three of us enjoyed a nice breakfast before Alison and I headed back to the Grondulbarn in Maryland. We then set to work finishing wiring the house for surround sound. Apparently our coax/network-cable project wasn't arduous enough for us. The wire-running went well enough, but the 'barn contained no new Cracker Jack style surprises, like last time.

So, it was a fun and productive weekend, but not exactly a restful one. I think I need another weekend to recover from this one.

* Be sure to pronounce this name as if you were Bolivian.

** Mmmm, sushi.

*** I hope to say a bit more about the school in a later post.

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