Friday, September 18, 2009

Sing Along with Dr Horrible Again

Joss Whedon has just announced that a sequel to Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog is in the works. It's not clear yet whether this installment of the good doctor's story will follow the low-budget model of the original or if external backers will supply more money. Either way, I'm excited about this news. You?


  1. If they bring back the character of Penny from the dead, I'll have to boycott it for falling into such a lame, suspense-destroying SF convention.

    Of course, if Penny's not in it, I'll have to boycott it for screwing Felicia Day out of the money and exposure that is rightfully hers as a member of the original cast.

    Either way, I'm clearly going to need to boycott it, right?

  2. Wow, you are a difficult man to please. How would you feel if Penny appeared in an extended flashback? Or what if Dr H is haunted by her, Baltar/Six-style?

  3. Maybe she could have an evil twin sister, or maybe an alternate-reality version of her is a vampire who shows up to get revenge on Dr. Horrible! And she and Vampire Willow (from yet another alternate reality where she survived) are romantically involved, and...

    Okay, maybe this particular version of a Dr. Horrible sequel isn't exactly in the spirit of the original, but I'd surely watch it!

  4. From your lips to Joss' ear. Just imagine how much funding Whedon could raise with that premise.

  5. He could get the straight female demo, too, if he threw in a dreamy, tormented teenage male vampire who sparkles in the sunlight and rides a golden unicorn.