Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All 13, and Maybe Some Closure

In the wake of poor live ratings but comparatively strong DVR numbers for Dollhouse, Fox Broadcasting Company has announced that it will air all 13 episodes ordered for Season 2 of the erasable-minds series. Fox says they will make a decision about ordering the "back 9" for the season or a third season after the 13 air. By the time the last of those 13 is broadcast, production will have been shut down, and re-starting for fewer than 10 shows seems unlikely, so I wouldn't hold out hope of seeing eps 14-22 of S2; at this point, I feel lucky that we'll get to see the remaining 10 of the current order. But I am hoping fervently that the ratings pick up enough so that S3 is ordered. I could certainly be happy with this series lasting, say, 5 seasons, with each being 13 episodes. So, Dollhouse viewers and Rossum employees, spread the word.

By the way, the next 3 eps, which begin airing October 23, are alleged to be very good. In the next episode, we find out how Sierra came to the 'house, and Summer Glau guest stars in the following 2.

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