Monday, November 15, 2010


As my reviews may indicate, China MiƩville is perhaps my favorite recently discovered author. A pair of synopses of his upcoming novel, Embassytown, have hit the internet. As a lover of well-developed extraterrestrials, I think it sounds very intriguing. How about you?


  1. I'll happily read anything by Mieville, so I'm excited about the new book. I just finished "Kraken," though, and he's already got a new book coming out? He writes fast and I read slow.

  2. Nick,

    What was your opinion of Kraken? Was it similar to my own?

  3. My feelings on it were more or less similar to yours, but I was less put off by the London-centric viewpoint. I think it was entirely self-aware on Mieville's part (the references to other highly knack-heavy cities bears that out), playing a bit on the fact that people in certain large cities (cough, cough, New York, cough...) develop a, shall we say, rather tightly focussed view of the world, in which the events of a few select square kilometers are vastly more important than anything that happens to the other several-nines fraction of the planet. Heck, the gang in freakin' Sunnydale couldn't seem to perceive much of a world past their city limits.

    Collingwood deserves a book entirely from her perspective. The chapter-fragments we spent looking over her shoulder were the best parts of the book.

    Further spoilery discussion, including my issues with the ending, will follow in email...