Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Recent PR: Bench Press

One thing I don't like about CrossFit is the infrequency with which bench press appears.  I think the bench press is a great exercise, and I'm pretty good at it, at least for someone of my size.  One result of this infrequency is that my bench numbers have dropped off since I began CrossFitting in January of 2007.  I distinctly remember doing 250 lb in the gym at Georgia Tech in my grad-school days, but since I've been following the CrossFit protocol, I've mostly been mired in the 230s.  Last week, however, I managed a bench of 245, which is a PR for me in the CrossFit era.  So, I'll record that number here for future reference.  I hope to be back at 250 on my next bench workout, and then to be in new territory after that.

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