Wednesday, March 22, 2006

They're Snakes. And They're on a Plane

Fans of Anaconda will no doubt be lining up for Samuel L. Jackson's latest film, Snakes on a Plane, which opens August 16. The premise of this film is that---get ready for this shocker---some snakes get loose on an airplane. Can you imagine the meeting where this movie was pitched?
Screenwriter: OK. There're these snakes, see. And they're on a plane.

Studio Exec: Wait, wait. You lost me. Go back a bit.
How did this thing ever get green-lit? Well, probably because the film will likely make money both in the theater and on DVD. Plus, I'm sure it will find its way into regular rotation in the Sci Fi Channel's crappy-monster-movie schedule.

If that happens, I'm sure there'll be sequels. This is how I see them progressing:
  • Snakes on a Boat
  • Snakes in a Car
  • Snakes on Vacation
  • Snakes on a European Vacation
  • Snakes: Return to the Plane

Aside from the stupidity of the plot, I'm very impressed by the profound lack of creativity in the film's name. I suppose we are lucky for that the screenwriter didn't try to be clever, or it would have been called Snakez or some such. Which brings me to the interactive part of this post. Let me hear your suggestions for more creative names for this flick. The author of my favorite name will win...let me see...what do I have around the house...oh, how about my, um, respect and gratitude. How's that grab you?

Update: In light of Nick's amusing and creative comment, I hereby encourage you to submit your own ideas for potential sequals. Since my own respect and gratitude are already spoken for, whoever submits the best sequal ideas will win Alison's respect and gratitude.


  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Hey, the name is the only reason that Samuel L. Jackson took the gig! (

    Personally, I think the sequels won't keep the snakes, they'll keep the plane; thus: Wasps on a Plane, Bears on a Plane, Cylons on a Plane (crossover to Battlestar Galactica), Wendigos on a Plane, or, perhaps most likely, The Snakehead Terror on a Plane.

  2. Anonymous12:55 PM

    This movie is about an assassin trying to kill someone by letting loose a bunch of poisonous snakes on an international flight. Brilliant. I will not even start on the flaws with this plot. Unfortunately, future generations will be judging our society by the quality of this crap.

    A few better titles come to mind:
    1. Snake Escape!
    2 The Great Snake Escape (in reference to the Steve McQueen movie)
    3. Or even better, Jackson’s character could be about a bodyguard who has both a fear flying and snakes. An apt title could be “Avio-Ophiophobia!”

    To make this movie more interesting I would make sure the snakes have lasers for eyes.