Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Melinda at the Closet Door

Remember the episode of TNG where the Enterprise D encounters a species whose language is incomprehensible, even with the universal translator? Picard discovers that their language is metaphorical, based on references to similar situations in their mythology and history. Over the last few years, I've invented a few of my own phrases for describing situations concisely. Here's one that was inspired by an incident involving Alison's former roommate:
Melinda at the closet door, metaphor. Any person who is unable to turn door knobs, open jars, et cetera, due to her hands being slippery, especially if this inability is brought on by the application too much lotion.


  1. Melinda really is great for storys. Sigh, I believe that was the scary closet door too. Such memories!

  2. Hey, Leah. Glad to hear from you here on the blog again.