Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yay! I'm done!

Wow...that level of exuberance just took a lot out of me.

Hello again, everyone. You may recall that I, too, am a contributor to this blog. Although, you wouldn't know it based on the past month or so. Sorry for my long absence, but after finals (which were pretty horrendous this term) I had to prepare for my written comprehensive exam. This was a two-part exam spanning two days, the second part of which I completed approximately an hour and a half ago. Woo hoo! I am really happy to be done, although I am not sure that it has completely sunk in yet. Mostly I just feel reeeeeeally tired. My main objective for the rest of today is to not think. Therefore, I should probably stop writing and go veg. So, in conclusion I promise to write more soon, but TTFN.

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