Wednesday, August 02, 2006

39 Miles and 101 Degrees of Frazzing

Yesterday, despite the shockingly hot weather, I rode from our new place to the lab (about 8.5 miles), rode from the lab to my bike shop (about 4.5 miles), and then did my weekly group ride (about 26 miles). Alison did the 18-mile version of the group ride, but, fortunately for me, she drove to the start, which meant she could drive me home. By the time we got to the apartment, I was feeling like a wind-up toy that had woouuund doooowwwwn. After swallowing nearly every calorie in the kitchen I felt a little peppier, but only for half an hour or so. By 10:00, Alison and I were lying on the papasan and the couch, being absolutely still and struggling to pay attention to Dirty Jobs.

Here's a Frazz comic Alison found that illustrates our situation both well and humorously.

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