Sunday, August 27, 2006

Robots in Disguise

Fans of the Transformers seem to grow ever more alarmed about the upcoming film each time more information leaks out. Most recently, said fans appear to be unhappy with the drawings of Megatron's Cybertronian form that have just appeared online. Die-hard fanatics are most outraged that Megatron is an "alien jet" rather than a gun, as he was way back in Generation One and the original TV series, but I'm not surprised; toymakers Takara and Hasbro are shy about marketing handguns or rifles in this day and age. Most of the other objections to Megatron's design---and to the designs of all the Decepticons and Autobots---center on the baroque anime-like styling. I'm not offended by that; I guess I'm not a real fan.

By the way, Megatron's earthly form has not shown up on the interweb yet. Time will tell what that will look like.

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