Thursday, October 19, 2006


Well, in my daily attempt to not start work before 10am, I found this cool website. Apparently, it is quite new according to their blog, having just launched last week. Still, the idea is pretty neat. As they describe it on their home page:

The problem with our large bookshelves is that they are buried in our home where only a subset of people can see what we have read. Now with Shelfari you can show off that book collection to your friends and the world!

Huh! Kind of a cool idea! So, I joined today (it's free). I am in the process of building my shelf and have already run into something I think could be changed, but they have "feedback" links on each page, so I told them my thought. I wonder if they will implement it? Anyway, I suggest you check it out. Happy reading!

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  1. Neat! But I'd have to spend the rest of the day putting in the books on, our shelves.