Thursday, October 05, 2006

Websites I Enjoy

I just thought I would put these few websites out there that I have been enjoying lately.
  1. If you secretly enjoy the celebrity rags at the checkout stand, but feel bad spending money on them, then check out The Superficial. This site serves up lots of good old fashioned turn-your-brain-to-mush celebrity gossip/pictures with plenty of snarky captions. Keep in mind that said captions sometimes contain content not appropriate for work. I especially don't recommend reading the comments left by the people who frequent the site. They are stupid, boring, and often profane.
  2. This site is for those of us who particularly enjoy those shows or magazines where they do the best and worst dressed lists, but who really can't stand the insipid commentators or, again, don't want to spend money on the magazines. Plenty of pics of absurdly dressed celebrities with very funny, well-written comments. I also enjoy that they don't just bash people who are dressed poorly, but they also recognize people who look really good.
  3. This site is for people who enjoy cute pictures. Yep, that seems to be its sole purpose. Enjoy!
So, there are three more ways for you to waste your workday. I have also posted them under my recommendations. Now go forth and surf!

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