Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mad Props

It appears that a blogger in the UK has been reading Industrial-Strength Science. Nosdivad* is a "student at Birmingham reading** Computer Science," a self-described nerd, a gamer, a fan of neologisms, and clearly in need of a haircut. If you look halfway done this post, you'll see that he describes our blog as "a really nice read from two folks in Maryland who talk about technology, life, tv, music, their dog, and various random stuff that everyone likes to read." Cool, eh? Anyway, his own blog, Surreality, also covers a random assortment of topics. One recent post includes the latest trailer for the uncreatively named Spider-Man 3, which has some good footage of Venom and Sandman, but also gives too much of the story away. I encourage you to check out the blog and the trailer.

* I can only assume his surname is Davidson.
** I love Britishisms.

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