Monday, December 18, 2006

Newton Aloysius Grondul

Our pup's full name is Newton Aloysius* Grondul, but he has acquired several nicknames during his time with us. Here's a list of all the ones I can think of at the moment:
  • Little Guy. This is the name we use most often with him. We use it more often, probably, than Newton.
  • Fuzzface. We came up with this one because, well, his face is fuzzy.
  • Fuzzbutt. This name's a slightly naughtier version of the previous one. Plus, it's assonant.
  • Muzzlepuff. See this definition, and all will be revealed.
  • Tiny Thunder. This is the sound he makes running down the hall after stealing a sock. This is also the name he'll use if he ever becomes a professional wrestler.
  • SeƱor Puppers. Alison yoinked this name from Cute Overload, and I can't blame her. I mean, this little guy is really cute, and he looks not unlike Newton.
  • Mutton Chops. I came up with this name after we had him groomed for the first time. His new 'do made him look more than a bit like General Ambrose Burnside.

* We chose this middle name because it seemed like it would be fun to yell in a fit of righteous anger.

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