Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Green Cars

I've recently been thinking about replacing my 16-year-old CRX, perhaps sometime in 2008. For various reasons, I will probably be purchasing my first car with more than2 usable seats,* most likely a Honda Fit, though it's hard for me to resist something tiny and sporty, like the Mazda MX-5 (Miata).** I recently came upon some interesting but short articles concerning fuel consumption and greenhouse-gas production:
  • Here's an article about how a hybrid-powered car can still suck (gas), while an efficiently designed conventionally powered vehicle can be both more efficient and less polluting. Granted, the examples are large hybrid SUVs and the Fit, but the point stands.
  • Meanwhile, here is an explanation of what exactly "partial-zero-emissions vehicle" means.
  • This is a follow-up on potentially upcoming changes to the EPA's window stickers.
  • The last article compares the labels used in the US and the UK.

* For the record, I've owned the following automobiles:
It occurred to me as I wrote the above list, that I've never owned a car that wasn't a (possibly metallic) shade of gray.

**Clearly, I have no plans to purchase my first non-Japanese car.

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