Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yay! Ugh!

Today's CrossFit WOD was haaarrd, right up there with redemption and puppies. It wasn't challenging so much because of the inherent difficulty of the workout---though there was plenty of that---but because I was so very unmotivated. I was tired, sore from yesterday's WOD, and oddly sleepy---I kept yawning during the workout.

In contrast, yesterday's workout, CrossFit Total, went pretty well. I was quite pleased with my results: a new CFT personal record of 690 pounds, including a squat PR of 255 and a deadlift PR of 300. A little arithmetic will reveal that my shoulder press was 135, which was actually down 2 pound from my PR. Still, I like to think the total isn't bad for a some one weighing 140.0 the morning of the workout. Lastly, I should point out that Alison had PRs on all 3 lifts yesterday. I'm quite proud of her.

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