Monday, October 22, 2007

Book Review: Goblin Hero

(This review contains no significant spoilers.)

After zooming through Goblin Quest, I picked up Jim C. Hines' sequel, Goblin Hero. The story follows Jig, the reluctant "hero" of the first novel as he finds himself on yet another adventure, just trying to keep himself (and his pet spider) alive. Like the first book, this one is a light-hearted, lopsided twist on the traditional fairy tale. Unlike the previous novel, however, this one is not told entirely from Jig's perspective; almost half is seen through the eyes of Veka, would-be goblin sorceress. I believe that change added a little depth to the story.

Overall, I give this book 7.0 out of 10, the same rating I gave its predecessor.

Incidentally, if you enjoy(ed) Goblin Quest and Goblin Hero, you may be interested to know that the next book in the series, Goblin War, is due out in March. You can see its cover here.

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