Thursday, September 04, 2008

Next Up, Manganese

I don't really follow the information-technology news like I should, but even I have heard about Google's release of their open-source browser, Chrome.  I downloaded and installed the beta version of Chrome, and I find that it has some nice features, although I'm sure I'm not exploiting them all.  The speedy launch is perhaps my favorite feature, although I also enjoy how the tabs are independent processes as well as all the info displayed when you open a new tab.  I encorage you, gentle reader, to check it out. 

1 comment:

  1. I downloaded and installed it, opened it, let it import my bookmarks, and attempted to use it for approximately 1 minute. At that point, I realized that I have been using web browsers with functionally very similar GUIs since 1995, and that Chrome did not share their layout. This forced me to think before taking every action. I closed Chrome and reopened Firefox.

    If someone offers a skin that gives it Firefox 2's interface, I'll try it again.