Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dallas the Dog

On Friday, I helped a stray dog get adopted into a wonderful new home!

The backstory is that he was found wandering down a highway in Virginia with no tags and taken to an animal shelter. One of the people on the dog message boards that I frequent is active in rescuing dogs in VA and became involved in trying to find this dog (a young male German Shepherd Dog who they named Dallas) a new home. Well, another board member who lives in NY decided to adopt him! The only problem was that her car has been having issues and she didn't feel comfortable driving all by herself from NY to VA and back to pick him up. The woman from VA could drive him as far as the DC area, and the adopter could pick him up in NJ, but they needed someone to give Dallas a ride for the middle leg. So...I did! I drove him to a rest stop on the southern end of the NJ Turnpike where I handed him off to his new owner. Here he is getting picked up:

Isn't he just adorable? Now he has a bunch of other dog brothers and sisters and a wonderful new owner who might even get him involved in pet therapy work. Yay! I'm really glad I could help out.

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