Friday, March 26, 2010

Flame Wars Get Televised

Speed TV, the broadcaster of endless hours of automotive television that doesn't deserve to polish the Stig's helmet, live NASCAR qualifying, and no Formula One whatsoever, is planning to bring one of new media's least estimable features to the small screen. That's right; the flame wars that pervade automotive (and nearly every other) online forums are getting their own series. At least this show offers reality checks for a brand or model's most blindly ardent followers. Do you think your4140-lb Challenger SRT-8 3 is faster in the quarter mile than the other guy's 3870-lb Camaro SS because it has a Hemi in it? Are you of the belief that you can hustle your riced out FG Civic around a track faster than a stock second-gen Boxster S? This show will put your money where your mouth is.

Say it with me: Who ordered that?

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