Saturday, November 12, 2005

Apparently, God is a Pouty Preschooler

I'm sorry to make my first post such a negative rant, but I simply can't help myself. Pat Robertson is quite possibly the most irritating Christian fundamentalist I can think of. I thought he was crazy when he ran for President and now I know I was right. He has now told an entire town in Pennsylvania (he said this on TV!) that they have turned their backs on God because they voted their school board out of office for supporting teaching Intelligent Design in their schools. Apparently, they should not be surprised if a disaster strikes their town and they should not turn to God for help in the event that said disaster occurs because they turned their backs on him. Huh? Is God not going to invite Dover, PA to his birthday party either? Perhaps when this looming disaster occurs, it will be accompanied by a booming voice from the heavens saying, "I hate you, you're all poopyheads!". That's it, Dover! God is taking his ball and going home!

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