Saturday, November 19, 2005


Michael often jokes with me that our relationship is atypical because I am the one who likes to play "computer games" and he doesn't. I think he is using a rather loose definition of "computer games" when he says this, since I don't play the type of games that most people think of when someone says "computer games". (Ooo! Using quotation marks is fun!) Mostly I like puzzles. I am completely addicted to crossword puzzles and Tetris. So, here are a few of my favorite games that can be played online and, in some cases, offline!

Yahoo! Games has tons of games that you can play for free online. A couple of my favorites are Alchemy and Cubis. Careful, though! These are both completely addictive and may compromise your productivity at work.

SET is a very cool card game that involves finding "sets" of 3 cards from a group of cards that are dealt face up that are either all the same or all different on four levels of comparison: color, shape, number, and pattern. Their website offers a free daily SET puzzle. Also, you can buy the card game at this site; I have found it hard to find in stores. The same company has a couple of other games called Quiddler and Xactica that I have not really gotten into, but they have free daily online puzzles for those games at their site as well.

My newest craze is Sudoku. If you have not yet heard of Sudoku you have been living under a rock somewhere. It is a kind of logic puzzle where you have to put the digits 1-9 in an arrangement of rows, columns, and boxes without repeating a digit. There are a bazillion books of Sudoku puzzles and most of them are now prominently displayed at both Borders and Barnes and Noble stores. I like playing Sudoku on paper, but you can play for free online at this site.

So, there you go. I've just given you several new ways to procrastinate and goof off using the internet. My work here is done!

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