Monday, January 02, 2006

As Seen on TV

So I'm watching the Science Channel (of all things), and on comes and ad (advert, for you Brits) for Doggy Steps, a small "flight" of three carpeted steps that your older, arthritic, overweight, or small-breed dog can use to get up onto the furniture or into the car. Now, it's not so much the Doggy Steps themselves that I find funny; rather it's the marketing campaign. The TV ad went through the whole cliché process of suggesting progressively lower prices for the product. Then, because one marketing cliché isn't enough, it made an "incredible double offer": a second set of steps for free! (Except for additional shipping.) Meanwhile, I was constantly treated to short clips of small dogs easily ascending onto beds or into cars, there to be embraced by their waiting and adoring owners. Awwww.

Of course, that is a pretty good price. And I would get two of them. And at that price, they won't last long. And those dogs are really cute. Hmmm. I'd better place my order today. Wait! We don't have a dog. Curse your evil genius,!

I would say that this is exactly what Muffy needs, but Alison and Sharon have already planned to build a carpeted ramp for her instead.

Anyway, you should check out the site. Be sure to note the famous "as-seen-on-TV" logo in the corner. Hah!

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