Friday, July 28, 2006

Is Galactica as Big as the Enterprise E?

Hey there, cats and kittens!

Given the general geekiness level of my readership (high) I bet you've often wondered how big the SDF-1 is compared to an Imperial Star Destroyer. Has it ever occurred to you to ask whether a full-grown Leviathan is longer than Galactica? Is it important for you to know how the Sulaco compares, size-wise, to the Whitestar? Do you lie awake at night pondering how a Defiant-class escort matches up against a Firefly-class freighter like Serenity? Well, Nick has pointed me to the site for you, which he asserts "may very well be the geekiest thing [he's] ever seen." (When you click on a page corresponding to a given scale, be sure to give all the images time to load before moving on to the next scale.)

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  1. Oh man, that really takes the cake. That is about the geekiest thing I've ever seen.