Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Diamond Era

It looks like Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age will be made into a six-hour miniseries by the Sci Fi Channel. Now, we all know that the movies SFC makes are god-awful, but some of their miniseries have been quite good. So, here's hoping....

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  1. I'm not sanguine about this project. For one thing, the ridiculous implausibility of much of "The Diamond Age" hurt the book when I first read it. (e.g. What kind of demented moron would pipe things like sodium and phosphorous over distance in their elemental forms? They've got magical nanobugs to make them into whatever they want on the other end; think oxides and fluorides for transport, here, people.) I don't expect that the Sci-Fi Channel treatment of it will make it any more reasonable. Plus, half the fun of reading Stephenson is the language and the long digressions, and most of that's going to get wiped away in a dramatized version. Personally, I think his work may very well be unfilmable without the sort of serious revision that won't leave much left of the original.