Monday, January 22, 2007

Swim, Forrest, Swim!

I've been pretty interested in weight training in our home gym lately,* but Alison hasn't been really excited about any sport in several months. She hasn't been able to find a karate school that she likes since she left Atlanta,** and it's just not fun to be outside in the winter. Thus, we recently joined the Columbia Association, which not only lets us go to any of a number of gyms and pools in our little town, but is also surprisingly inexpensive. Now, Alison seems quite interested in her group cardio classes, we're both planning on doing some yoga, and we've taken up swimming. Swimming is a nice change of pace from cycling, and it's a full-body workout to boot. Now, if I can just figure out why my kick in the crawl is completely ineffectual. Maybe I can get some guidance from Ashley or Brian. Hint hint.

* Please don't ask me how it's going. It turns out that a 3-week-long illness followed by a week of insomnia does not promote strength gains.

** Don't get her started on the insanity of the last place she visited.

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