Friday, March 16, 2007

Newton vs. The Bath

Let's be clear: Newton HATES to be bathed. He tolerates it and stands more or less still, but that's only because he tends to slip and fall over if he struggles. So, he just stands there looking pathetic and whining at you while you lather him up. It makes you feel like the world's worst human...but then you's just soap and water! *sigh* Well, perhaps Newton is not totally in the wrong about baths. They do make him look like this:

Um, yeah, not his best look. Like all dogs, Newton prefers not to use a hairdrier. He gets a twofer...he dries himself off AND soaks anyone or anything nearby. Bonus!

Still, how can he truly complain when he looks like this when all is said and done?

All together now..."Awwwww!"

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