Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My New Sport...Falling Down!

Recently I have taken up mountain biking with Michael, which is becoming more and more fun, but has been quite frightening at times. It turns out there is a hierarchy of expletives that come out of my mouth indicating the difficulty of the terrain.

  • easy terrain, Alison is totally confident = normal conversation
  • slightly difficult terrain, Alison is a little concerned = "Oh Geez!" or "Oh Gosh!"
  • moderately difficult terrain, Alison thinks she is falling down = "Oh GOD!!"
  • Alison is in the process of falling down = "SHIT! SHIT!"

So now you know. If we ever go mountain biking together you'll have an accurate picture of my state of mind throughout the ride.

Despite my occasional terror, I have enjoyed the scenery in some of the places we've gone to ride. We recently went to Loch Raven Reservoir which was gorgeous and we saw tons of wildlife. Check it out:

See in the middle? In the water? I think that is some kind of wading bird...maybe a heron? Cool, huh? You can see it much better if you click the picture to make it bigger.

And this deer walked right past us across the path. She was not terribly shy.

Anyway, it was fun and I only fell down once on the ride. Woo hoo! Enjoy the pics everyone!

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  1. Def. a Great Blue Heron. What a beautiful place!