Monday, July 30, 2007

Ripper Lives

A lot of news came out of Joss Whedon's panel at ComicCon. The most interesting bits to me are as follows:
  • Whedon is "finishing the score for a short film he'll be directing called The Serving Girl." It will be a---get this---ballet and will star---you guessed it---Summer Glau.
  • He's still working on Goners, though it hasn't been greenlit.
  • Whedon "and former Buffy scribe Drew Goddard have written a horror script together called A Cabin in the Woods." Whedon described it as a "horror film to end all horror films."
  • The oft-discussed Giles solo film, Ripper, is finally moving forward. Apparently, Anthony Stewart Head is on board with the project, which will be produced as a 90-minute TV movie by the BBC. Rumors have suggested that Ripper would be a prequel to Buffy taking place when Giles earned and was called by that nickname, but, given Head's age, I can only speculate that the film would take place after the series.

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