Sunday, September 30, 2007


I've recently joined the zillions---nay bazillions---of people who've sold their worthless old crap---I mean gently used articles---on eBay. I found the process quite easy, especially after setting up the first item. The way eBay and PayPal are interlinked---because the former owns the latter---makes all the seller's post-auction actions simple; it takes very little time to send an invoice, leave feedback, or print a shipping label. It's also quite liberating to take five boxes of your not-used-recently belongings to the post office and send them out of your life forever.

I just put up five more items today. One of them is something I think is worth a couple of hundred bucks. I intentionally waited to post it until after I'd shipped out my first round of...gently used articles. Now that I have 100% positive feedback, I expect to get a good price for it. Well, that's the plan, anyway.

Speaking eBay, here's the video to Weird Al's song of that name.

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