Monday, September 17, 2007

Pushing Daisies

Well, I've done it yet again. I've gotten excited about a television series before it has even aired. This time, the series in question is ABC's Pushing Daisies. This series was created and is executive produced by Bryan Fuller, who created Dead Like Me, co-created Wonderfalls, and both wrote for and co-excutive-produced Heroes. If you know I'm a fan of all these shows, you can see why I'd be excited about Pushing Daisies without even knowing the setup. Now here's the setup: a young piemaker named Ned (played by Lee Pace, who portrayed Aaron in Wonderfalls) who can resurrect the dead, but for only one minute, and only once.*

Now, you might think the plot sounds a bit like Dead Like Me, and you might think that my excitment was based entirely on faith in Fuller or in the positive reviews written by critics who've seen the pilot. If so, you'd be mistaken. Through the magic of YouTube, I've also seen the pilot, albeit in low-res form. The show is more light-hearted than Dead Like Me and more quirky than Wonderfalls. In fact, it's quirky in exactly the kind of way that I enjoy.

So, I urge you to check the pilot out on YouTube. And please let me know what you think.

* There's a bit more to it than that, but I won't spoil it for you.**
** By the way, maybe Fuller should consider talking to someone about his evident fascination with death.


  1. Great, thanks. I was looking forward to this series, and now, since you've taken an early liking to it is doomed to die a Fireflyean death.

    Why don't you kick my dog while you're at it?

  2. You may notice that the show is on ABC. I'm hoping that, since it's not on F*X, it will be given a chance to find an audience. It might even be shown in the correct order, you know, with the pilot episode, the one that sets everything up, first.

    Of course, now that we've both taken an interest in it, it might be in trouble. At least the Minear Effect does not apply here.

    By the way, your dogs are both too sweet and sad-looking to kick.