Saturday, November 15, 2008

Made-Up-WOD: Newport

I spent most of the last week at the LEOS Annual Meeting in Newport Beach, California.  While I was there, I availed myself of the hotel's fitness center.  I did some stairclimbing, weight training, and even some "ellipticizing" during the first 3 days, but, for the last day, I was inspired to make up my own CrossFit-style workout of the day.  I was pretty happy with what I invented, so I've decided to name this WOD "Newport," in honor of the 
For minimum time, do 4 rounds of the following:
10 box jumps, 20 inches
10 decline setups on the steepest setting
10 1-arm dumbbell snatches, 40 pounds, left arm
10 1-arm dumbbell snatches, 40 pounds, right arm
10 1-arm pushups left arm
10 1-arm pushups right arm
For the record, I managed to finish in 28 minutes, 40 seconds without pushing myself too hard.

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