Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PR: Lynn

Today's CrossFit workout of the day was Lynn, which consists of 5 rounds of maximum repetitions of bodyweight* bench press supersetted with max reps of pull-ups.  Lynn always manages to make me feel sick to my stomach.  I think the shear number of reps in each superset is what nauseates me.  Today, however, I was careful to take longer breaks between supersets, and I was able to set 2 personal records.  The first PR was for my single-round total:  18 bench presses and 33 pull-ups for a total of 51 reps.  My second PR was for the entire workout:  65 + 119 = 184.  And, I did it without feeling (too much) like I was going to vomit.

* Today, for me, that meant 138 pounds.

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