Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Mailman? Seriously?

Those of you who know us in meatspace are aware that Alison didn't take my surname when we were wed.  She made that choice, I believe, not only because it would be strange to abandon her family name after 29 years with it, but also because she had already established her work identity under her birth name.  Certainly, since she'd already published several papers, changing her name would not be helpful.

Anyway, her grandmother insists on addressing cards to us with "Mr. and Mrs." followd by my full name.  What I find hilarious about this approach is that she writes our address in this manner because she doesn't want the mailman to think we aren't married.  Seriously.


  1. Anonymous9:21 PM

    so did she do that even before you were married?

  2. We only cohabited for about 2 weeks before we were married, so I don't think Alison's grandmother had much opportunity to mail us anything. I'm sure she was happy about the short time that we "lived in sin," especially since we were chaperoned by Alison's mother and sister during most of that period.