Sunday, March 08, 2009

Tech Day

I attended a tech day with my local Miata club yesterday. A tech day is an event where we get together to work on each other's cars, and I've gotten a huge amount of help from other members at the tech days that I've been to. Tech days are usually enjoyable, too, although they can also be frustrating.

Yesterday's event was held by my mechanic, Wayne Bright, of Wayne's Allpoints Auto Service. The above photo shows about half the cars that were there. Several Miatas were shuffled in and out for quick jobs, like fluid changes. Some Miatas didn't need any servicing; their owners were there just to help out.

This photo was taken by Mike J, who helped me with my Frog Arm installation while Jason changed my oil. You can see Mia on the left, closest to the camera, and you can see me, bent over and futzing with the right front wheel or fender.

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  1. Anonymous6:28 PM

    That is a very cheeky picture of you.