Friday, April 10, 2009

Dollhouse Episode 9

Tonight's episode of Dollhouse, "A Spy in the House of Love," was another really strong entry.  It was deliciously creepy, held a couple of good surprises, and offered one really poignant moment.  I suggest you watch it, however you can.

So, let's review. Episodes 6, 8, and 9 were easily the best so far.  Eps 5 and 7 comprise the next tier down.  Eps 1 through 5, the ones Fox ordained would be mostly standalone, were the weakest, though still wholly watchable.  What this means to me is that the series is clearly trending upwards in terms of quality.  Fox would be foolish to cancel it now, in my opinion.  Of course, it's not my turn to run the network this week.

By the way, I can say without revealing any spoilers that I learned a little during the week about an upcoming character and his or her evolution.  On this particular topic, the most eloquent statement I can come up with is, "Squee!  OMG ponies!"

In other Dollhouse news, the first season of the show is now available to pre-order, in DvD or Blu-Ray format, from Amazon.  I've already placed Team Grondul's order.  I'm hoping DVD pre-sales will help convince Fox to order a second season of the series.

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