Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Gronduls Have Their Barn

Alison and I closed on our townhouse today.  That's right;  we're homeowners now.  The structure is in quite good shape, for something built in 1973, but there are a zillion small things that need tweaking, and the previous owner was simultaneously very enthusiastic about painting and terrible at it.  So, I expect that we will be quite busy working on the house for the next several months.  After that, you'll all be invited over for a party.


  1. Of course, some of us will get a preview as we engage in the Crossfit exercise that involves, to borrow a phrase schema, two reps of everything that Michael and Alison own.

    Congratulations on your new homeowner status!

  2. Yes, that WOD can be called "Move Team Grondul for Time" for short.

    If it makes you feel any better, we are planning to pre-move as much as we can this weekend. We'll have Ashley's Fit on Saturday, so we can, in principle, shift quite a lot of material to the Grondulbarn.