Thursday, July 02, 2009

Minear Nation

Variety is reporting that Tim Minear, after whom I named the Minear Effect, is planning a remake/continuation of the Alien Nation franchise for the SciFi---I mean, SyFy---Channel. At first, I wasn't not sure what to think of that. I certainly enjoyed the movie and the series. In particular, I liked how the show continually explored aspects of Newcommer physiology and culture. I also have enjoyed Minear's work. I mean, he contributed to The X-Files, Angel, Firefly, Wonderfalls, and Dollhouse, so of course I did. But I'm not sure Alien Nation needs to be brought back.

Still, it has been 20 years since the show aired, so it's clearly not too early for a reboot/make. Plus, Alien Nation was much more sophisticated and interesting than the original Battlestar Galactica, and look how well the re-imagined Battlestar turned out. And if anyone could re-invigorate this franchise, Minear can do it. (Maybe Joss Whedon or Ronald Moore could do it, too.) So perhaps I'll choose to be optimistic about this one. Except then there's that darned Minear Effect to worry about.

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