Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WoW. Just WoW.

World of Warcraft is headed to the big screen, and the adaption will be directed by Sam Raimi. Gaming geeks everywhere will be thrilled by the news, I'm sure. I just hope Guild mistress Felicia Day can wrangle herself a role.


  1. If they don't cast Felicia Day in some way, they're fools. Not that they really need to try too hard to recruit her tiny but devoted audience...

    If they do cast her, though, I think perhaps a wizard or healer would be more appropriate than a weapon-wielding character. I feel like her swinging a zweihander is going to produce more comedy (or pathos) than drama and excitement.

  2. I certainly agree that this film has already locked up The Guild's audience with its title alone. It had them at "Warcraft," so to speak.

    Isn't Day's character's character, Codex, a healer? So, she has a background in medical acting, just like Joey from Friends. I'm sure there won't be a place in the WoW movie for Zaboo or Vork. You know, maybe I'll just watch The Guild instead of this film.