Monday, July 13, 2009

Whedonverse Alumni

Wondering what your favorite Whedonverse actors have been up to lately? Well too bad, because that's not the subject of this post. Instead, this post is about what a couple of them did some years before they me Whedon.

First up is this video for George Harrison's "I Got My Mind Set On You, from 1988.* The boy in the video is played by Alexis Dennisof, everyone's favorite rogue demon hunter. I found this video indirectly, because Dennisof's wife and co-actor, Alyson Hannigan, tweeted it, presumably to lightly tease the man. Please note the hairstyles and fashion in this video.

Second, and last, is this 1992 advertisement for the Nerf Slingshot. The spokeskid in the ad is Seth Green. His hair is priceless, I must say.*** The girls' outfits are equally timeless.


* Interestingly, Harrison's performance was a cover. The song was originally written in 1962.**

** "Wierd Al" Yankovic created a parody of Harrison's version called "This Song's Just Six Words Long."

*** It's no worse than a 'do he's sported more recently, when he couldn't claim fashion impairment due to pubescent flood of hormones.


  1. That video isn't the one I was familiar with from my youth; the one that I remember is available from the YouTube page you linked to, but Blogspot isn't allowing me to paste anything into the comments, so I can't link to it here. In any case, I'm somewhat heartened to learn that Harrison didn't write that song; I've always had great respect for his songwriting ability, and that song is just terrible.

    I am absolutely terrified by the fact that the Seth Green commercial was made the year I graduated from high school; I really don't remember 1992 as being so 80s-looking.

  2. I imagine you don't remember 1992 looking like that because you were wearing khaki pants and a solid-color polo shirt. I don't remember it looking that way, either, because I was wearing a school uniform.

  3. Well, I don't remember 1992 being so 80's-looking because I was wearing Birkenstocks and enormous flannel shirts.

  4. Actually, at that point, I might have been wearing jeans and a striped polo shirt.

    I wasn't talking about what the guys were wearing, though, since I persist in not really noticing what men are wearing unless it's pretty over-the-top. Instead, I refer to the girl's clothes. As someone who spent a substantial portion of time in 1992 looking at girls, and an even larger portion of mental energy thinking about them, I would have thought their clothes would be more familiar to me.