Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Name Game

I received a few intelligent and well-thought-out suggestions for names form my latest automotive acquisition. Thanks, gentle readers. However, I'm not going to use any of them. Instead, I'm going with "Zelda" for the following reasons:
I'm afraid I can't offer even a tenuous connection to Legend of Zelda franchise, since I'm probably the only person in America under 40 who has never played any of those games.

Thank you again for your suggestions.


  1. I like the name, even if it wasn't what I suggested.

    There's got to be a Zelda Fitzgerald reference that can be made here, somehow, although I am apparently not the guy to do it. Is there a future English professor in the house?

  2. All I've got is a tidbit from the wikipedia entry that Zelda and Scott were buried in Rockville. Not much.

    Good name though. I'm looking forward to having a ride!

  3. Thanks. I'm gratified to hear that you aren't irritated that I requested suggestions, then ignored them all.

    You are welcome to have a ride--or drive---in the car anytime. You might want to schedule it for a day when you can put the top down, else you won't really fit. By the way, with the seat-height lifter that's on the 08+ cars, you might be able to crank up the seat and just look over the windshield surround.

    This car has the Suspension Package, which gives a firmer, more composed ride than would otherwise be the case, but the suspension is still inexcusably high and soft. I'm planning to put in aftermarked dampers, springs, and front anti-roll bar in March. After that, you'll be able to get a much better idea of the handling capabilities of the NC's stiffer, wider, longer-wheelbase chassis.