Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Music Comma Old-Ish

I'm sure, gentle reader, that you've been wondering to yourself, "What has Michael been listening to lately?" Well, the answer is a bunch of "old" stuff:
  • "Pompeii" by E. S. Posthumus. I enjoy how this track combines orchestral music and a choir with contemporary electronic instruments.
  • "We Took Pelham" by Deadly Avenger. Again the combination of an orchestra with electronic sounds really entertains me. I was correct in believing that this track was built up from a piece called "Going the Distance" from the Rocky soundtrack.
  • "Lux Aeternia" by Clint Mansell. This piece was written for Requiem for a Dream, which was released in 2000, but parts of it are very classical-sounding to me.
  • "Palladio" by Escala. This is a modernized and slightly cheesy version of the "Diamonds are Forever" song used by De Beers. Cheesy but fun.
  • "Kashmir" by Escala featuring Slash. Clearly, these ladies are doing the string-instrument version of lip-synching in the linked-to video. String-synching, I guess. There's no way they are playing while dancing around like that. And where's Slash in the video?
  • "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin. Because the Escala version reminded me how much I like this song. And because it was time to get the Led out.
  • "The Chain," by Fleetwood Mac. Because sometimes classic rock fits my mood.
I found most of these tracks through Pandora.com. Thanks, Pandora.

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