Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Contrast: The Hunter has Become the Hunted

I've posted numerous photos showing one of my Miatas being dwarfed by a truck or SUV. These kinds of pictures are easy to come by, since my car is almost always the smallest in any given parking lot. Encounters with Loti and MR2 Sypders are rare. An exception occurred the other day, when I pulled into my local strip mall to find the highlighter-yellow Smart Fortwo that I've seen there recently. For once, my car was the "big" one. This relationship was especially true because I was driving Zelda, my "big" Miata.

These two cars are remarkably different, given that they are both rear-wheel-drive two-seaters, don't you think? Both cars,do look very happy about the experience, though.

This post reminds me that I wish Smart would bring back the Roadster and Roadster Coupe and export them to the States. Those, I would drive.

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