Monday, March 14, 2011

GR: Cindy

In the pantheon of CrossFit WODs, rarely is the athlete given a choice within the prescribed workout. Athletes are encouraged to scale the load, number of repetitions, or one or more of the exercises, but those choices are just that: scales. The most notable exception to this pattern is that Cindy and Mary are usually prescribed together, and the athlete has the choice of Cindy or Mary. For either workout, the goal is to perform as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes (AMRAP 20) of 3 bodyweight exercises. Since Mary consists of exercises that are more difficult, at least individually, I've only ever done that workout. I believe I've only done Mary at CrossFIt Diesel once in the 14 months that I've been a member, but I honored to say that hold the gym record for it. That's not too surprising, since it consists entirely of skills at which I excel.

You can guess where this is going, I'm sure, even without reading the title of this post.

On Thursday, CFD offered me the choice of Cindy or Mary once again. I decide to give Cindy a try. My score, 22 round 5 pull-ups, and 4 push-ups, set a new gym record. I'm quite proud of that performance; it wasn't easy. I don't think I can honestly call it a personal record, since I've never attempted this workout before, but, on the other hand, maybe it is.

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